We shipped new features to give our clients the competitive edge to start the new year strong!

The new features further demonstrate our commitment to help our clients and other real estate brokerages provide a personalized experience to their customers. We are also dedicated to building a hands-off and smart marketing solution that does not require constant intervention. Roof works autonomously.

Here are the new features we released this January:

Recognizing the regulars: Roof bot welcomes back returning visitors.

Enrichment and personalization

Are you a "regular" at a restaurant, bar or coffee shop? If yes, (and let’s be honest here), don’t you expect some sort of preferential treatment? This recognition makes us feel special and certainly contributes to us coming back.

At Roof, we’ve implemented a feature that recognizes returning visitors. This also to resume where they left off wherever they come back to the website, without needing to create an account. Eliminating the friction that comes with account creation.

This brings us to the following new update:

Activity-based personalization. Think Netflix, Spotify, Starbucks...

Enrichment and personalization

Starbucks has made a name for themselves when it comes to customer service. The brand pioneered routines that emphasize customer experience. Most notably, they make sure to serve you your coffee by name. If you are a regular, they will start your order before you arrive at the cashier! It’s that personalized experience that keeps bringing the customer back.

At Roof, we are inspired by such companies. We want to enable real estate brokerages to provide that high-quality customer service starting from their website.


Web visitor activity

Roof will remember data points - such as types of listings viewed - to further personalize the experience once a lead comes back to the website.

And finally, to make it a full circle we pushed,

AI-Driven Email Alerts, to stay top of mind.

Property recommendations

Finding a house to buy is a long process that takes up to several months. People will search several websites before deciding which listings to visit. How can you ensure that you will be one of the top choices? By being proactive in following-up with those potential clients with personalized listings sent right to their email.

Roof has released AI-driven property alerts. We also want to export the personalized experience off of the website. Visitors that have searched for properties with Roof will receive listing alerts based on their buying preferences and website search activity. Whenever a customer clicks on the email link to check out the property on your website, the bot will recognize them, greet them personally, and ask them to schedule a visit.

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