Use the power of conversations to recruit top talent.

Agent recruiting is one of top priorities for real estate brokerages.

Due to agent turnover rates, brokerages are always in recruiting mode competing day in day out with the several thousand other brokerages.

New VC backed entrants with deep pockets are offering top agents attractive financial incentives to get top talent to work for them.

So, in a time where competition is at its highest and where most real estate businesses have unlimited access to a plethora of marketing and technology tools that they can offer their agents, how can you differentiate your real estate brokerage from competition?


Most brokerages today go about recruiting candidates on their websites the same way they do with leads; they use static and impersonal forms. These candidates then become leads in the CRM and then the drip email campaigns start.

These efforts are often are “salesy” and impersonal.

That’s why we built Roof AI’s agent recruiting bot: We want to make recruiting more human, more personal.

We want to help real estate brokerages not only build and nurture relationships with their leads, but with their agents as well.

We know very well that relationships is all that matters especially when it comes to recruiting agents.

With Roof AI’s agent recruiting bot, you can start having recruitment conversations with potential candidates at scale 24/7, 365.

What Roof AI’s Agent Recruiting Bot can do

Always be recruiting. Roof AI’s new agent recruiting skill will enable your real estate business to get ahead in the recruiting game by using the power of conversations and responsiveness.

Your recruiting bot will not only be ON 24/7, but it will also help you manage your conversations between real estate leads and potential recruiting prospects.

The bot’s smart lead routing feature will send the lead to the right person depending whether they are new or experienced agents. It can also qualify potential prospects and schedule meetings with them automatically. Another added feature is bringing all of that to social through the use of various messaging channels such as Facebook’s Messenger.

Bot skills

Most importantly however, employing conversational marketing to your recruiting efforts will get an agent’s attention when you’re competing with other top brokerages.

Here’s how your Agent Recruiting Bot can help you:

Talk about your Value Proposition

One of the best ways to stand out and state what you bring to the relationship - other than the tangible tools and gadgets - are the values and the mission that your real estate brokerage stands for.

Values are important in all relationships, broker - agent included.

They are the pillars of your business. So communicate them to anyone wanting to join your company.





The use of conversations and storytelling goes a long way.

Talk about your Culture

This is your opportunity to tell potential candidates what it is like being part of your company. This is not necessarily about your brand or values but it’s about being part of a link-minded group. That feeling of belonging to a team, a community. Many startup companies are able to attract top talent solely based on culture. Financial compensation, benefits, tools, training can be found anywhere, but it’s the culture that differentiates companies. And culture is very hard to fake; culture is authentic.


Talk about the Benefits

Coaching, training, mentorship, marketing tools, support staff. What are the benefits that you will be providing beginner or experienced candidates when they join your team?

Company benefits

Talk about your success stories

Every one of your recruits is looking to start or continue their careers in real estate with hopes of becoming a successful real estate agent. By talking about your success stories you will show potential recruits how you as a brokerage are going to facilitate that process for them. Giving real life case studies with details on the steps to doing that will certainly encourage aspiring agents to join your company.

Success stories

Attract Tech-Savvy Agents

Technology plays a big role in recruiting agents. Top brokerages, the likes of Compass and Keller Williams, are shifting their focus towards adopting and building technology that gives their agents the edge over the competition.

Technology allows your agents to be more productive and efficient, without sacrificing their personal time.

Introducing your real estate bot to your candidates will definitely give you the recruiting advantage when it comes to tech.

Tech showcase

Qualify Potential Candidates Without Forms

Qualify potential recruits in real-time, right when they are most active and engaged.


Recruit on Social Media

With Roof AI’s recruiting bot you are not only forced to send people to a landing page to fill out a form, you can start recruiting right away on Facebook or Instagram through Facebook’s Messenger. Coupled with ads, this tool can be a great way to engage and convert potential agents on Social media and messaging platforms.

Real estate agents who are at the top of their game are using social media today to nurture the relationships they have with current or potential clients. Especially millennials, they spend a big portion of their lives on their smartphones on social media and messaging channels.

By reaching out on social media, not only it’ll be easy for you to target them but you will make sure that those agents have a strong digital presence.


Make it easier for candidates to apply through conversations

Not only do conversations portray the tone that represents your brand but most importantly it’s how we humans communicate.

By having your recruiting bot and HR department on the front-lines having real-time conversations with interested agents that want to join your real estate brokerage, you will make sure that they will have a personalized and superior experience.

And today, a great customer experience, whether for your, leads or agents is everything.

To get your agent recruiting bot, chat us here.