Accurate recommendations tailored to your customer

Roof has deep understanding of real-time customer behavior, engagement and context to accurately predict what content is most likely to appeal to individuals at a one-to-one level.

A one-to-one experience for each visitor

Roof combines your customer’s online activity, their preferences and affinities to recommend content that is most relevant.

Recommendations that create value and add revenue

Roof automatically determines and delivers the optimal promotion, offer or experience to individual website visitors and email recipients.

Recommendations placed everywhere

Roof offers recommendations wherever consumers are, be it on the website, by email or through other channels.

What makes Roof special

Fully autonomous

Bots are completely autonomous and keep learning from interactions with your customers.

Works 24/7

Bots work around the clock to qualify leads, nurture clients and generate revenue, even when you're asleep.

Omni-channel support

Roof uses multiple contact channels for your customers to reach out and engage with you including chat, email, text and social.

Integrates with your tools

Roof works well with the tools you use everyday, including your CRM, lead router and more.

How Roof can help you scale your business.

Convert Visitors

Qualify leads automatically and close more deals around the clock with bots.

Scale Customer Service

Help customers in real-time with automation and self-service support.

Boost Engagement

Engage visitors and delight customers with personalized content on and off the website.

Grow Affiliate Revenues

Deliver the most relevant offers and turn every interaction into a profitable experience.